Erifori al Leìt

The Leìt hut is managed by a professional guardian during early June-mid October. During this period, you can then require half board or have lunch at noon.
In any case, even if you plan to only have lunch, a communication directly into the hut is welcome. The guardian, knowing approximately how many people will arrive, can organize better.
In absence of the guardian you can use the small kitchen in the dining hall with everything you need for cooking and dining. Only a room with 20 beds is open.
In the winter time mid October-end of may, only a small emergency shelter is open.
5 beds, no running water, no toilet. Reservation is not permitted.

Telephone in hut:
for booking at the last minute
0041 (0)91 868 19 20

Booking by telephone:
0041 (0)79 375 81 76

Responsible guardians:
Cristina Bernaschina-Livi
Strada per Casima 19
CH-6875 Casima

Reservation by Mail:
at least 4 days in advance