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     from June 8 to October 1


Pizzo Campolungo Tour

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Luciano Schacher, alpine guide and guardian of the Leit’s hut during the period 2007-2010 in association with Franco Demarchi, Campo Tencia’s hut guardian, have promoted and build this tour.

They have put the metallic cable where necessary to improve the seurity and decided the entire footpath.

Franco has developed the trace on the north part of the Mognoi pass and Luciano the west side of the “bocchetta” south of the “Pizzo Prevat”.

By the end of the year 2010 the path is defined and the anchorage of the steel rope was terminated. During the 2011 they completed the demarcation with white/blu signals. The new alpinistic foopath joins the Campo Tencia and Leit’s huts. From hut to hut you need 5/6 hours of walk and allows you to know the Campolungo region.

This new proposal comes also to induce the excursionists to remain for more days , maybe sleeping in both huts. It can be done in both ways.

The wish of the promoters is that the beauty of this incontaminated region remains as it is and that the only men’s traces will be the white and blu signals.

 T4 = alpine itinerary
 White/blu signals

Difficult alpine path on stone ground and with impervious passages. It is unadvisible with bad wheather and with storms danger. Good experience is extremely required. Stops on falling stones zones are not recommended.

Travelling time
 5/6 hours from hut to hut
 7/8 hours complete tour

Recommended period
 From july till september

Security and responsibility

The north slope of the “Mognoi pass” and the west of the “Bocchetta sud del Pizzo Prevat” are equiped with metallic cables. All people that travel on the “Giro del Campolungo” did it at their own risk.


Adeguate equipement is required. Heavy inflexible mountain boots.
Equipement like “via ferrata” is recommended.

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From Leit’s hut (extreme north side) follow the excursionist path that joins the two huts until the Morghirolo lake ( be careful the short cut has not been marked on on the ground). After the lake climb to the “bocchetta del Mognoi”, descend a few up of “corte di Zaria" and then re climb to the “bocchetta del Piz Prevat” passin per the marvellous little lakes of the “Canton del Prevat. From there descend joining the starting point.

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