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      opening 2022 of the
      Leìt hut from June 5
      up to October 1.


Access routes



The Leit’s hut is situated on the Campolungo region, on the right side of the Leventina valley,
Prato Leventina, Ticino, Switzerland.
To get there it is necessary going to Rodi, with the public transports;
Train until Airolo or Faido, then public bus until Rodi.

By car drive north through the highway N2 (Chiasso-Basilea) exit Quinto,
( 10km south from the Gottardo tunnel). After the exit turn left direction Rodi.
Parking space is at disposal on the Tremorgio cableway area.
From Rodi you can walk directly to the Leit’s hut or you can take the  Tremorgio cableway,
saving 900 mt of a uphill.
In alternative you can start your itinerary from Fusio, Maggia Valley.
Both starting points (Rodi or Fusio) are about 2 hours drive from Locarno.

Below you can find some suggestions on how to come to the hut.
Before continue reading, click on the link to show the maps.

Topographic maps:

 CNS 1:50000  266 V. Leventina
 CNS 1:25000 1252 Ambri-Piotta

Coordinates of the hut:

 146.973 / 698.328
 Altitude 2257 m

Swiss national maps:

 Link to Leìt hut

Official footpaths in Ticino:

 Link to

Passo Venett seen from Alpe Campolungo

Foot path from Rodi

From Rodi you can walk to the Tremorgio lake (difference in height 900 meters) in about 3 hours. You can save your strength taking the cableway . From Tremorgio lake you can continue walking on a convenient path (be careful that in june you can still find some snow, get informed) till the hut passing by the Alpe Campolungo, it is an easy way feetable also for kids. (difference in height 450 meters from the lake) From the lake you will join the hut in about 1.30 / 2 hours.
Joining the Alpe Campolungo (dark side on the left of the picture) you have to cross the stream which descends to the Tremorgio lake. You can avoid it, in case of high water, climbing on the way to passo Venett joining the path from Dalpe. Both ways are marked with yellow signals.

Foot path from Dalpe

If you join Dalpe by car you can park in Boscobello area (just after the village) but we do not reccomend it because the cows are pasturing there and they can damage your car. It is more safe parking in Dalpe and starting your walk from there (30 minutes walk more).
You start therefore your walking on a excavate street until Scontra 1660 m. From there a foot path (indicated) will bring you directly in Alpe Cadonighino 1739 m. without passing per Candonigo 1788 m.
Near the tower used to support electrical the path climb until Passo Venett 2138 m passing by Stüéi 1869 m.
Until Stüéi the path is practicable also with mountain bike, ridable for 90% . In Stüéi you can hide your bike in the forest. (bring a padlock)
From Passo Venett you join the hut int about 30 minutes walk. From Dalpe you can consider a total of 3.5 – 4 hours walk.
Passo Venett seen from
Alpe Cadonighino

Look on Mognoi from above Alpe Zaria

Foot path from Fusio

Arrived in Fusio do not cross the bridge that brings you to the village but drive on the right side direction “Diga del Sambuco”. You can park on the space situated on the left side, near the river. Not far from there starts the foot path which brings you to Fontanalba and then to Colla 1701 m.
You continue until “Alpe Zaria” turning left just before arriving there. Following the electrical supports you will join the Passo Campolungo and you will see the hut. It is necessary to go down until 2140m following the path and then climbing again. You have to consider about 4 hours walking.

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